Offers on Cooking & Catering

Get free service on 3-5 food items from the list of selected plan. Choose the best plan for your event and avail the free offer.

Offer on Photography

Get upto 10% discount on the selected plan. Also enjoy the free service of photo shoot on family events of short duration.  

Offer on Decoration

Get Discounts on the selected plan.
Also get upto 10% off on the selected Decoration pattern/design.

Offers on Makeup

Get free complete makeup service for extra 1 member.  Also complementary service on saree draping and hair style based on the selected plan.

Offer on Mehendi

Get free Mehendi service for upto 3 members on choosing for at least 10 members. Also get free service for at least 2 members on selected plan.  

Offer on Decoration

Get free return gifts for upto 200 members on selected plan. And upto 10%free return gifts on the selected number of gifts

Discount on selection of atleast 5 services

We give discount on selecting at-least 5 of our services also try to give a free service based on the plan selected.

2 free services on selection of at least 5 services

Free Makeup/Mehendi service on selecting 5 services also 2 of the best free services based on the plan selected. 

Few free services on selection of a whole package (all services)

We give free services like return gifts, Mehendi etc on selecting all services from us.

Discount on selecting services from Great & Rich plan

We offer few free services if selected Great / Rich plan, Also provide some discount on selecting all the services from Great / Rich plan.